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Normal is a Social construct plush velvet iron-on Patch

Normal is a Social construct plush velvet iron-on Patch

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Embrace the beauty of diversity with the "Normal is a Social Construct" plush velvet iron-on patch.

This 3-inch, soft and sensory-friendly accessory serves as a gentle reminder that societal norms are often limiting and that true acceptance comes from celebrating our differences.

Crafted with the utmost care, this patch features a velvety texture that is a delight to the touch. It comes mounted on an illustrated, recyclable cardboard backing, making it the perfect addition to your favorite jacket, backpack, or anywhere you want to spread a message of compassion and inclusivity.

In a world that too often tries to conform, let this patch be a beacon of self-expression and a symbol of your unwavering commitment to embracing the unique beauty in all. Wear it proudly and inspire others to challenge the status quo, one stitch at a time.

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